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The Minister of Higher Education receives the delegation of the Egyptian Scholars Association in North America and Canada

- Discussing partnerships between private and new technological universities and foreign universities

- Benefiting from the vision of Egyptian scholars abroad in developing higher education and scientific research strategy

Prof. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, held a meeting with the delegation of the Egyptian Scholars Association in North America and Canada (AEAS).

At the beginning of the meeting, the minister affirmed the Egyptian state's keenness to achieve rapprochement between Egyptian scientists abroad and their homeland, and to benefit from their scientific expertise in various fields to support future development plans, as well as support communication between them and their counterparts from scientists at home.

Prof. Ayman Ashour praised the pride of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its pride in the results achieved by Egyptian scientists abroad, which confirm the excellence and superiority of Egyptian minds.

The minister discussed with the delegation ways to benefit from their scientific expertise, stressing his keenness to include them in the higher education and scientific research strategy that the ministry will launch during the coming period, which is in line with the country's plan and vision for sustainable development 2030.

The minister also pointed out to the Ministry's endeavor to establish more partnerships between Egyptian and foreign universities, and to activate the role of Egyptian scholars abroad; to support joint cooperation between Egyptian universities, especially private and new technological universities, and prestigious international universities, as well as signing several cooperation agreements in modern academic disciplines offered by new universities, and offering study programs with dual degrees.

The minister stressed the state's interest in maximizing the use of the large infrastructure that has been achieved in the field of higher education, in order to place Egypt on the world map as an educational destination in the region, pointing to the legislative measures that have been taken to facilitate investment in higher education, including the law establishing university branches. and the establishment of the National Authority for Private and Technological Universities.

Prof. Ayman Ashour emphasized the focus of the Ministry's future vision on raising the skill level of graduates in addition to the academic level, and providing them with the necessary skills and competencies that qualify them to compete in the local, regional and international labor market, referring to the establishment of many centers in public universities to pay attention to entrepreneurship and innovation, and to support talented and innovative students and researchers.

The meeting discussed ways and mechanisms to support student exchange programs and provide more scholarships for distinguished researchers in the fields of computer science, artificial intelligence, technology, and cybersecurity.

The minister listened to the proposals of the delegation members on developing higher education and scientific research strategy, and the factors that contribute to improving the performance of universities and scientific research, including infrastructure and linking education outputs with industry, in addition to the international accreditation of programs in Egyptian universities.

The meeting also reviewed the development of the plan for scholarships abroad, and recommended directing training so that it becomes parallel to the scientific content that students receive in Egyptian universities.

For their part, the members of the delegation affirmed their welcome to cooperate with the ministry, and their constant readiness to provide any support or assistance that Egypt needs in all their fields and specializations.

The meeting was attended by the League delegation, Dr. Mohamed Atallah, Vice President of the City University of New York, Dr. Mohamed Hijab, California City University, Dr. Ayman Muslim University of California, Dr. Adel Maghribi, University of Louisville Kentucky, and Dr. Monis, Secretary of Villanova University, USA.

From the side of  the Ministry of Higher Education, the meeting was attended by Prof. Ashraf Al-Azazy, Head of the Cultural Affairs and Scholarships Sector, Prof. Walaa Sheta, CEO of the Science, Technology and Innovation Funding Authority, Prof. Abeer Al-Shater, Assistant Minister for Technical Affairs, Prof. Haitham Hamza, Head of the Central Administration for Missions and Cultural Representation, and Prof. Mohamed Samir Hamza, Advisor to the Ministry at the American University in Cairo.

It is worth noting that the Association of Egyptian Scientists in North America and Canada (AEAS) was founded in 1973; with the aim of establishing a forum for Egyptian scholars, to facilitate dialogue and strengthen partnerships with their Egyptian counterparts, and over the past 48 years, through its annual conferences and others, it has contributed to the implementation of many useful scientific endeavors aimed at transferring the experiences of Egyptian scholars abroad, and contributing to the scientific and cultural development of Egypt.