Supreme C​ouncil of Technological Colleges

In accordance with the provisions of Article (7) of the Regulation of Technological Colleges of the Ministry of Higher Education issued by Ministerial Decision No. 2655 dated 10/10/2006.

The Supreme Council of Technological Colleges is responsible for the following:

  • Develop the general policy of education and training in technological colleges in light of the needs of society.
  • It meets the needs of different sectors of the state of the graduates of technical and vocational education.
  • To raise the level of technical and vocational education and quality assurance in the faculties
  • Securing the funding of faculties to achieve their objectives.
  • Adopting the recommendations of the boards of trustees in the technological colleges.
  • Drawing up the general policy of books and study notes and developing their own systems
  • Setting the general rules of the relationship and the method of distributing work among faculty members in the technological colleges.
  • Determine the rules of admission to faculties and the numbers proposed to be accepted each year in light of the suggestions submitted by each faculty.
  • A technical committee shall be formed to coordinate between the corresponding institutes and departments in the technological colleges.
  • Adoption of internal regulations for technological colleges.
  • Discussing and approving the report prepared by the head of the education sector at the end of each academic year on technical education in the technological colleges as well as the reports provided by the directors of the faculties.
  • Studying the subjects referred by the Minister of Higher Education to the Council.