​​Consultation Fund


About the Fund

The creation of the consulting fund was not an urgent idea, but rather a product of a specialized analytical study, in which the opinion was reached on the need to establish a national apparatus

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The Fund aims to establish a real system that will maximize the use of national resources for science and technology and increase self-reliance

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Scope of Services

The Fund provides a wide range of services in various branches of science and technology as a result of its reliance on various sources of expertise. The scope of services in particular includes the following areas

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Advantages of the Fund

Speed and flexibility in meeting the needs of customers away from the constraints of routines and limitations.

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Future vision

Contribute to the development and modernization of production and service sectors through the transfer of the best and most appropriate knowledge available

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Achievements of the Fund

Environmental Engineering - Studies on production and productivity problems - Market studies and feasibility - Geophysical, geotechnical and radar studies

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