• Science, Technology and Innovation Funding Authority

    Improving Research & Development Environment, Funding Scientific Research and Upgrading Technology, Upgrading Innovational Capacities of Science and Technology Community

  • Technological Complexes ‎

    Localizing and Disseminating Creativity & Innovation Culture across the Republic, Enhancing Development and Digital Economy, Integrating information and Communication Technology into the Educational process

  • ‎ Digital Higher Education Projects

    Preparing a Generation Capable of Creation and Innovation, Integrating Information and Communication Technology into the Educational Process to make Best Use of the advanced Technological Systems 

  • study in Egyptٍ

    The application Includes Data for all Accredited Higher Education Institutions Including State Universities, Private Universities, Community Universities, Universities with International Agreements, International Branch Campuses, Technological Universities, Technological Colleges /Institutes, Higher Institutes, Sadat Academy, Al-Azhar University

  • Council for International Branch Campus Affairs

    Requests and procedures for Establishing International Branch Campuses 

  • ‎Cairo International Innovation Exhibition‎
    As an Innovation Market and a Main Hub for Innovators and Innovation Backers from All over the World 

  • Scientific Research

    Creating a New Generation Equipped with Science and knowledge, Disseminating Science and Innovation Culture and Linking Academic Institutions with Industry and Service Sector

  • Best University Competition

    Results of Best University Competition in Fields of Digitalization, Preparation for the Academic Year &Slum Upgrading  

  • Latest News

    ​Follow Up the Latest Higher ‎Education News ‎

  • Global Forum for Higher Education & ‎Scientific Research (2nd Edition)‎
    2-5 October 2020, Administrative Capital
  • International Branch Campuses Affairs Council

    Requests & Procedures for Establishing International Branch Campuses

  • Study in Egypt

    An  Application Featuring All Accredited Academic Institutions

  • Minister of Higher Education & Scientific ‎Research

    Announces the ICESCO Award

Events and Activities

Supreme Council of Universities Confirms in Its Regular Meeting ‎ Resumption of

At the headquarters of Helwan University in Cairo, the Supreme ‎Council of Universities held its regular meeting on Saturday morning, ‎February 20, 2021, headed by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of ‎Higher Education and Scientific Research,

Minister of Higher Education Lays Foundation Stone for Helwan Community Universi

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, laid the foundation stone for Helwan Community University on Saturday, February 20, in the presence of Dr. Maged Negm, President of Helwan University, and presidents of state


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