Science, Technology and Innovation Funding Authority

Improving Research & Development Environment, Funding Scientific Research and Upgrading Technology, Upgrading Innovational Capacities of Science and Technology Community

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‎ Digital Higher Education Projects

Preparing a Generation Capable of Creation and Innovation, Integrating Information and Communication Technology into the Educational Process to make Best Use of the advanced Technological Systems 

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The application Includes Data for all Accredited Higher Education Institutions Including State Universities, Private Universities, Community Universities, Universities with International Agreements, International Branch Campuses, Technological Universities, Technological Colleges /Institutes, Higher Institutes, Sadat Academy, Al-Azhar University

Council for International Branch Campus Affairs

Requests and procedures for Establishing International Branch Campuses 

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Scientific Research

Creating a New Generation Equipped with Science and knowledge, Disseminating Science and Innovation Culture and Linking Academic Institutions with Industry and Service Sector

Events and Activities

Egypt's national football team won the Arab Futsal Championship Cup

Under the auspices of Prof. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, crowned the Egyptian Futsal University with Futsal Cup for the second time in a row, after defeating his Morocc

Higher education: a remarkable development in the international students system

Prof. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, stated that the international student system is witnessing a remarkable development through its success in attracting international students from countries of the world and increasi

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<January 2023>
Knowledge, innovation and scientific research

A milestone in the comprehensive development path in Egypt

A platform for innovation

Infinite resources and unlimited access for free to all The Egyptians

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The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is considered ‎one of the state institutions concerned with building the scientific and ‎human character of a broad spectrum of young people across ‎universities and higher institutes. Seeking to achieve its goals of building ‎a normal, integrated and modern personality capable of fulfilling its ‎mission in society and shouldering its responsibilities towards its nation, ‎the ministry is tapping all scientific and technical capacities and facilities ‎of the age.‎

Prof. Ayman Ashour - Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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Study in Egypt

Throughout the ages, Egypt has been the interface of science for all other countries by presenting it in the Arabic language. We have contributed to the development of many civilizations and the creation of major projects.

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