About the ministry



A supportive system for scientific research and a catalyst for innovation. Egypt's scientists have been able to contribute effectively to the ​production of knowledge on an international scale and to be able to participate in the building of a strong, knowledge-based national economy that achieves comprehensive economic and social development and helps to strengthen cooperation with the local, regional and global community.



Create an environment conducive to science, technology and innovation, and develop legislation and laws that regulate scientific research and enable researchers to produce knowledge, transfer, localization and marketing of technolog​y efficiently and effectively. And create an atmosphere of scientific competition based on excellence to achieve sustainable development that raise the society and help increase the rate of growth of the national economy



Maximize the human and material potential possessed by universities and various research institutions to improve their scientific research system and invest their results locally and globally from the perspective of the knowledge ​economy.

Ministers of Scientific Research ​​

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Starting 12 February 2017
​Dr. Ashraf Mohamed El Shehhy  On 19 September 2015 until 15 February 2017
Prof. Sherif Ali Hammad 16 June 2014 to 17 September 2015
Dr. Wael Mohamed El-Degwy March 2014 to June 9 2014 ​​​​​​
Prof.Ramzy George Stino 16 July 2013 to 1 March 2014‎​​​​​​​
Prof.Nadia Zakhary ‎1 December 2011 to 16 July 2013‎‎​​​​​​​
Prof.Motaz khorshid‎ ‎21 July 2011 to 1 December 2011‎‎‎​​​​​​​
Prof.Amr Ezzat Salama‎ ‎7 March 2011 to 21 July 2011‎‎‎‎​​​​​​​
Prof.Ahmed Gamal El-Din Moussa‎ ‎ 23 February 2011 to 6 March 2011‎‎7‎‎‎‎​​​​​​​
Prof.Hany Hilal‎ 31 December 2005 to 23 February 2011‎
Prof.Amr Ezzat salama‎ 13 July 2004 to 29December2005‎
Prof.Moufid Shehab‎ 8 July 1997 to 11 July 2004‎‎
Prof.Venice Kamel Gouda‎ from 10/1993 to 7/1997‎8‎‎
Prof.Adel Ezz‎ from 1986 to 10/1993‎‎​​​​